Cover your floors with hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been a popular choice among discerning homeowners. As popular today as it was hundreds of years ago, it’s still the floor covering of choice for a great many reasons. It is both elegant and timeless, durable and long lasting, and it’s likely to be the last floor covering you ever have installed. When all things are considered, you’ll even find it to be quite affordable, especially considering the overall outlook.

W.F. Cox Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best floor covering for your specific needs. We have a wide array of high-quality products, and some of the best services around from qualified, well-trained professionals. We’ll do our very best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your flooring, and we’ll guarantee it. Serving the areas of Loris, North Myrtle Beach, Conway, Aynor, and Little River, we have a showroom in Loris, SC. We invite to stop by and see for yourself why our customers keep coming back.

Hardwood options and benefits

The lifespan of hardwood flooring is one of its most sought-after qualities. In fact, you’ve probably been in buildings that still have the original hardwood flooring that was installed in them over a hundred years ago. That gives you an idea of how long your floors will last, and what they will continue to look like many years later.

Refinishing is one of the reasons homeowners choose wood floors. When others are considering replacement flooring for their homes, wood floors will only be ready for their first refinishing. You’ll be able to refinish your floors several times over their lifespan, which means you may never need to buy new flooring for as long as you own your home. That adds up to a lot of savings over the long haul.

You’ll have a wide variety of wood species options to choose from, whether you choose solid or engineered wood, although options are wider with solid hardwood. Some are much harder than others are, with harder species being more suited for high traffic areas, and softer species working well for rooms with lower activity levels.

Your flooring specialist can also explain all the different finishes from which you’ll have to choose. The glossy finish is what most people think of first, but the hand scraped or distressed finish goes a lot further to hide small signs of everyday wear and tear.

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