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Getting the most out of carpet

The most luxurious underfoot feel comes from carpet, easily. There are many reasons that homeowners prefer this particular floor covering, and many benefits that go along with it as well. Odds are, there's one particular kind that best suits your home, and that's what we're going to be focusing on today. Choosing the right one will not only give you the most satisfaction out of your floors, it will also help to reach its full lifespan potential.

W.F. Cox Company, Inc., has been family owned and operated for more than sixty years. We are as dedicated to bringing you high-quality service as we are at offering you high-quality products, and we even offer guaranteed installations. We'll bring samples to your very own home as part of a concentrated effort to make sure you get the perfect flooring for your lifestyle. We service the areas of Loris, North Myrtle Beach, Conway, Aynor, and Little River, with a showroom located in Loris, SC. We invite you to stop by to speak with a qualified flooring specialist.

Find your perfect carpet

Your flooring specialist will ask you several questions in order to determine the best carpet for your home. For instance, the amount of traffic that goes through your house on any given day can mean a lot for your flooring. A high traffic level in the room you're looking to cover means that you need a carpet fiber that will stand up to that level of traffic. Plush and high pile carpets would be worn down too quickly in an area like that.

Another important factor in making sure you get the best flooring for your home is what type of stain protection you'll need. Gone are the days when you were simply left to deal with the consequences of a spill or stain. New technology has made it possible to manufacture fibers that have stain and odor protection built right in. There are even brands that specialize in protection against pet mishaps, for the ultimate protection.

In addition to some of the best stain protection in carpeting, new technology has also made it possible to create hypoallergenic fibers. This is great news for those who have suffered from allergies. That means carpet is no longer a threat, but instead, grips allergens, rendering them harmless until they are vacuumed up and discarded.

Be sure to ask your flooring specialist about all the other amazing benefits of this floor covering.

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