The importance of cleaning and maintaining new appliances

The importance of cleaning and maintaining new appliances

You get better décor matching, performance, and energy efficiency when you buy new stoves, refrigerators, or ranges. Brands like G. E. Appliances and Frigidaire make it easy to find benefits that cater to these needs, and we have many of them.

That said, cleaning and maintaining your new appliances is also essential for the best results. This process is especially true of products with drains or moving parts that could stop or break down.

How to clean appliances

Cleaning schedules and requirements vary from product to product, but following the manufacturer’s recommendations is always best. Microwaves, dryers, and air conditioners have specific needs, and it's important to know what they are as soon as you buy them.

Some products may only require cleaning with a damp cloth or an occasional defrost, while others need professional servicing at specific intervals for the best performance. When you choose your products, we'll give you all the information you need to properly care for them once you have them in your home.

You may need more information if you buy an appliance requiring extensive daily use. Dishwashers are a perfect example, but they’re easy to clean and maintain with just a few specific steps.

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