Is rigid core flooring waterproof?

Is rigid core flooring waterproof?

On its way to being the top choice of homeowners, vinyl flooring is in very high demand. Available in various styles at budget-friendly prices, rigid-core vinyl surfacing also comes in many look-alike options, such as hardwood. The rigid core type, typically a quick, click-lock installation, assures several benefits, one of which is waterproof. Aside from added underfoot comfort, these waterproof floors are easy to maintain and clean.

What exactly is a rigid core installation?

Rigid core planks are a type of vinyl installation. The rigidity of these engineered slats allows for less flexibility and extra stability. However, consider them to be an improvement on an already fantastic product. Rigid core planks usually are constructed with three to four distinct sections:  a superficial wear layer that protects the surface from stains and scratches, a thinner vinyl layer above the core level, the rigid core itself, made from stone or wood plastic composite, and lastly, in most planks, an underlayment is added to absorb sound and offer more cushioning. 

The benefits of rigid core

There are indeed many benefits to adding a vinyl installation to your home. The click-lock method, which has a tongue and groove, means adding this surfacing to just about any space is easy. Families with kids or pets appreciate rigid core vinyl because it’s 100% waterproof, so messes or accidents aren’t a huge deal to clean. But also, this water resistance assures humidity or moisture won’t automatically ruin your floors by causing them to swell. Finally, this installation is available in tons of color, texture, and style options. You can even find them in all-natural stone or exotic hardwood look-alike.

Waterproof flooring store

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